May 2024 Tor News [HTML]

Published on 2024-05-20

Latest updates

Tor migrates from Gitolite/GitWeb to GitLab

Attention all Tor contributors: We have migrated to a self-hosted GitLab server.

Despite initial security concerns, the community adopted GitLab resulting in the migration being largely a formality acknowledging the existing situation. Some critical repositories like Puppet were moved to dedicated servers, with GitLab serving as a mirror.

Learn more about how to update your Git config in our blog post:

Code audit for censorship circumvention tools completed by Cure53

From 2021 to present, the Tor Project has worked on the "Rapid Expansion of Access to the Uncensored Internet through Tor in China, Hong Kong, & Tibet" initiative, aiming to enhance Tor usage in the China region. The results included the releases of WebTunnel, Lox, RDSys, and Connection Assist, updating Open Source Circumvention Applications, and increasing adoption via regional localization and user engagement.

To ensure software reliability, the Tor Project engaged Cure53 for a comprehensive security audit in January 2024. As a result, all identified vulnerabilities stemming from recent modifications were successfully addressed.

To explore all audit results, you can download the full report here:

And learn more about Webtunnel in our announcement:

Surveillance as a Service: The Global Impact of Israeli "Defense" Technologies on Privacy and Human Rights

Highlighting, exposing, and actively working against the proliferation and normalization of surveillance technology is crucial in protecting human rights worldwide.

At the Tor Project, we know that it is through collective awareness and action that we can all build and contribute to privacy-preserving technologies that aim to protect people everywhere from the prevalence of surveillance and oppression. It is equally important to hold companies accountable and recognize the source and enablers of surveillance tech, especially now as we see these technologies being aggressively utilized in the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

This post delves into the impact of Israeli surveillance technologies in Palestine, illustrating how localized instances of its use can have extensive repercussions that pave the way for the widespread acceptance and global adoption of such oppressive practices:

Upcoming events

May 25th, 2024 Join us for the Tor Community Day 2024 in Lisbon, Portugal

The Tor Project is happy to announce that we are hosting the Tor Community Day 2024 on May 25th in Lisbon, Portugal! The Community Day is a great opportunity for Tor Core Contributors, Tor Community Members, and other interested folks to come together, connect and discuss all things Tor. The Tor Community Day is free and open to the public. Anyone who wishes to join is welcome without any prior need to sign up. If you're in the area and curious about Tor, stop by!

June 4, 2024 - June 5, 2024 PDAF - Palestine Digital Activism Forum 2024 Members of the Tor Project will host a panel "Regulation & Legislation: Reigning in AI for Human Rights." Virtual attendance registration:

July 12, 2024 - July 14, 2024 HOPE XV

July 15, 2024 - July 20, 2024 24th Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS)

Keeping up with the latest releases

May 15, 2024 Security release: Arti 1.2.3. (Please upgrade.)

May 14, 2024 New Release: Tor Browser 13.0.15

April 30, 2024 New Alpha Release: Tor Browser 13.5a7

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